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Aspergers Syndrome in the adult life

Life as I know it November 9 2009

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I was looking at what I wrote in my previous post. On reflection, I think that I missed the main question. No, I do not feel lucky to have Asperger’s, but perhaps a more revelant question would be, “Do I feel unlucky?” The answer to that would be a resounding, “No way!”.

Reading “What is the value of a life” over at Asperger’s Diary really touched a chord with me. I don’t understand why some people feel they have the wisdom to decide who should and shouldn’t be born. It seems incredibly arrogant to me; all children are gifts from God. How can we say what lies ahead? How can we decide for someone else whether or not their lives are worth living? Surely a life focused on avoiding pain, confusion and conflict wouldn’t be much of a life. On the other hand, a life with such purpose that the difficulties are worthwhile – now that’s a life worth living.

I don’t know if I would choose to have Asperger’s or not, but since I don’t have a choice, I just have to live with it. I don’t know what life would be like without it, but I’d rather live with it than not live at all. Besides, who knows but Asperger’s may be necessary for me to fulfill my destiny, what Mattie Stepanek calls our “heartsong”. Life with Asperger’s is the only life I have, and I’ll live it the best I can.


One Response to “Life as I know it”

  1. Rachel Says:

    I agree with you: I would never give up my autism. It’s made me who I am.

    And the idea of deciding who should be born is anathema to me as well. Before I had a child, I was all for pre-natal testing for Down Syndrome, etc. Now, I’m very much against it. My feeling is that if a person isn’t willing to love the child they’re given, they should think twice about parenthood. After all, that person could have a “typical” child who, God forbid, sustains a head injury, or develops a degenerative illness, or faces any number of later challenges. To me, being a family is about loving each other as we are, knowing how frail our bodies are and how much can change in an instant.

    P.S. Please note that my URL and blog name have changed. The link for Asperger Journeys should redirect folks to the new URL, but it could take a few days…

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