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On being with people March 11 2010

Filed under: Just living — adah @ 8:52 pm

It’s been quite a while since my last post. Since then, I started a new job, and it has just been so overwhelming that I haven’t had the words to write anything. There are so many stresses involved with having to interact with people everyday. I read blogs by aspies who are married and/or have children, and I am amazed. How do they do it? the noise, the confusion… I can deal with people to an extent but I definitely need plenty of private time to recover. When I was younger I didn’t realize this and ended up harming many of my relationships. I now know that my frustration with friends and family was largely brought on by not getting enough personal time away from them. These days I plan ahead, making sure I schedule enough private time to offset my social engagements.


One Response to “On being with people”

  1. e aucoin Says:

    You were talking about married/with children Aspies and how do they do it? Sometimes things are going along fine. Kids keep you in the moment, and it’s great to feel needed and loved. But when things aren’t going well, I don’t feel like a grownup. I wish I could freeze the frame, put life on pause while I figure it out. It just seems to be moving too fast. And I wonder when I will get unstuck again. I feel like a poster child for the chronically overwhelmed. There are times when you fall off the bicycle and have to relearn how to ride it, cause that’s just how it is with us. “It’s just like riding a bicycle,” people say like they don’t notice gravity, while I always feel it pulling me down.

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