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Am I allowed to have an opinion? May 30 2011

Filed under: Just living — adah @ 7:03 pm

Today’s big news is Cate Blanchett’s involvement in advertisements advocating carbon taxing in Australia. Critics say that she is too rich to have an opinion. Since the carbon tax won’t directly impact her personally and have nothing to do with her job as an actress, she shouldn’t be allowed to express her views on the subject. Never mind that these same critics are not afraid to express their¬†opinions on anything and everything. Does being an actress mean that Cate Blanchett should only have opinions regarding acting? Everyone and their dog is free to express their opinions these days, thanks to the internet. Blogs, Facebook and Twitter (just to mention a few sites) are full of people sharing their unsolicited views. And why not? Does being famous mean you should have no voice? Not to mention that it’s erroneous to say that Blanchett will not be affected by the carbon tax. Environmental issues concern us all. So regardless of whether or not I agree with her views, I support her right to express them and to use her fame and influence in any way she wants.

On a completely different topic, I have launched my Intuitive Mandalas blog that I mentioned in my last post. I was aiming for a mandala a day, but that hasn’t really worked out. Not that surprising really… Nevertheless, that’s where you can find my intuitive mandalas and perhaps get a glimpse into my psyche.


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